Battery Maintenance Management Program (BMMP)

Battery Maintenance Management Program (BMMP) training is on-site training which has been specifically designed to teach managers and technicians the intricacies of the modern lead acid battery maintenance. An incredible amount of change has occurred in all facets of battery maintenance over the last decade with the introduction of many more absorbed glass mat (AGM) / valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries, diagnostic conductance testing, and the introduction of much more efficient charging systems. It is common for units to achieve an immediate significant reduction in lead acid battery consumption after BMMP training is conducted.

BMMP training takes a total of 2 hours (1 hour classroom, and 1 hour hands on in the shop) and covers in depth the multiple different types of automotive batteries most military technicians see on a consistent basis, how to properly diagnose batteries in a multitude of platforms, proper charging techniques, how to maintain charged batteries, and ultimately get the most life out of all batteries.

Hands-On Demonstrations of the diagnostic, corrective maintenance, and preventive maintenance techniques and equipment is conducted in the maintenance bay after the classroom portion is completed.

BMMP Training covers:
    Introduction - Why this training is important
    Common Battery Terminology
    Conventional Battery Design - Military specific
    AGM Battery Design - Military specific
    Common Causes of Battery Failure - Military specific
    Proper Diagnostics Techniques
    Corrective Maintenance
    Preventive Maintenance
BMMP Classes


BMMP Training Slides
(10.2MB PDF)

Army Sustainment Article on BMMP

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