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Since 1994 PulseTech Products Corporation has been at the forefront of researching, developing and delivering next-generation battery testing, maintenance and charging systems. As a preferred supplier, PulseTech has worked closely with the military to build total lead-acid battery solutions for both tactical and combat vehicles as well as support equipment around the world.

We have developed strategic, military grade products designed to diagnose, prevent and correct battery related problems, improving in-the-field, day-to-day performance as well as extending battery lifecycles. PulseTech products are designed to work with virtually any type of conventional flooded and sealed “maintenance free” lead-acid batteries, including VRLA, AGM and gel cell.

With our line-up of environmentally responsible products, PulseTech’s patented maintenance solutions and our Battery Maintenance Management Program (BMMP) we have produced impressive results improving the readiness of military vehicles and equipment and have seen dramatic reductions in battery consumption rates. In many cases these reduction rates can be 50-70% and more!



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