Xtreme Charge Pro HD QuadLinkSolar Pulse

PulseTech Products has worked closely with the military to build lead-acid battery solutions for both tactical and combat vehicles as well as support equipment around the world.


PulseTech, through customer surveys and research and development refinements, has created a highly useful product application chart to help commercial users to properly equip and build a battery maintenance program best suited to their specific needs.


The assortment of 12- and 24-volt lead-acid battery testing, maintenance and charging equipment products has been developed specifically to keep cars and light trucks, motorcycles, small boats, ATV’s and off-roaders and even personalized golf carts and riding lawnmowers running more efficiently and longer.

A properly implemented BMMP (Battery Maintenance
Management Program) utilizing our patented pulse
technology and proper training can reduce battery
consumption by over 50%!   MORE...BMMP
Our Technology
Our unique and patented pulse technology that is
incorporated into all of our products is the ONLY proven
method of de-sulfating a lead acid battery – often extending
its life by 3-5x.  MORE...